About Weespaces

Weespaces was born in Los Angeles with the dream of creating unique and personal spaces for families at an affordable price without compromising on style!

How often have you found yourself thinking I wish I could hire a decorator to bring my vision to life, but cant afford to! Or I wish I could hire someone in my budget, who will go beyond wardrobes/cabinets and actually understand the look and feel I want for my home! Or I wish I could meet a real person who can work on my budget and understand my issues and not have to pick from five cookie cutter looks from an online tool!

We bring to you a very personal experience working with you to create a space that truly reflects your sensibilities, is on your budget and is chic!

Our journey began in 2013 and since then we have created unique spaces that have helped our clients discover their style, blend different styles, bring home baby, share spaces with kids, entertain friends, bring their pinterest to life, get a makeover or just pull it all together! 

We cant wait to be part of your story and bring your design aesthetic to reality!

Now based in Bangalore, India, we continue our journey in this vibrant city and country.


About Vinithra

Vinithra’s love for décor and styling started early, when as a young girl she found herself enjoying setting up their home with her mother each time her family moved to a new place! And they moved a lot!

After years of being a banker, her love for creating beautiful spaces took over and Weespaces was born.

An explorer in spirit, she loves to travel and is continually inspired by different cultures and aesthetics. Having lived all over India and in California, blending California chic style with unexpected eclectic and colonial elements defines her design aesthetic.

Her love for the outdoors, sunshine and the ocean embody Cali chic style. Married with vibrant textiles, art and unique pieces, her designs are balanced yet full of personality!