Saraswathy & Mohandas Reghu

We started working with Vinithra after we chanced upon her work on social media. We were apprehensive about working with someone purely over WhatsApp and phone calls since we are based abroad but we really liked the individuality in her work. We felt she really understood what we needed from a home for us and for our parents. We wanted a warm and cozy home where my parents could be happy, and we think happiness as far a house goes, comes from being able to look at each piece, room, appreciating it, and ensuring it’s functional. She’s been extremely thoughtful of the fact that our parents are the ones who will be using the house the most and designed and shopped every item with their comfort and functionality in mind. I think the house echoes a mix of traditional and modern mindset that we are.
We don’t claim to have had a real vision of what the apartment would look like. But when we first spoke, she really wanted to understand our views and that of our parents and what would be comfortable for them. One thing we didn’t want was a hotel look; we wanted something that would really look like it was put together by us, rather than just by a designer, as ironic as it sounds, but that’s what most people want. You need it to be comfortable and pleasing to look at it & use. You want to live with the pieces of furniture and furnishings in the house, and be who you are, rather than become what the house wants you to be.
This was our first house and we are really happy with it. We want to take this opportunity to thank her for wonderful work and also for the personal care and attention to detail on everything. Beyond her work she has also been a very caring, patient and genuine person and that has been tremendously helpful. We know there have been times we have frustrated her but we thank her for holding on and completing this project successfully. People underestimate the work of a interior designer, you don’t just design a house, you actually make a home. To make a home within the constraints of space and money and varying needs of a multitude of people is not a easy job. Vinithra does a fantastic job at it!

Saraswathy & Mohandas Reghu

Sireesha Nunna

Vinnie, I am not on FB to write a love letter err review for the fab job you did in helping us with our dream home! We thank you and appreciate the attention, time and effort you have put into every little corner to create such a happy space! Hats off to your expertise and attention to detail- the house looks so beautiful and makes us very happy! I love how you have a clear vision and have the skill to execute it beautifully, you did not hesitate to candidly share your thoughts and we are thankful for that. Wishing you more creative power to create many more beautiful homes!! 💕#youarethebest #weareluckywefoundyou

Sireesha Nunna

Sriram & Sunanda Rangarajan

We love how our home has become the most beautiful space we want to hang out in at all times..thanks to Vinnie who was quick to understand our taste/ choice/ preference and more than anything else agreed to work with our traditional large peices of furniture …she’s one deisgner who worked so beautifully to execute exactly what we wanted. Most importantly she works with you and your tastes- her style is classy and she had the unique gift of quickly translating our vision into reality. My girls love their room…two thumbs way up for Vinnie.

— Sriram & Sunanda Rangarajan

Hima & Sudhir Kamath

Vinnie aligned her work with our vision for our living room really well. She started from what we already had and added a lot to that seamlessly. We admire her talent for coming up with designs with clean, beautiful lines. She facilitated sourcing of furniture, decor items, etc., in a transparent way. She’s very responsive, flexible and quality conscious. We love the way our space is transformed now and are very happy to recommend Vinnie for her amazing work!

— Hima & Sudhir Kamath

Lisa and Mike Sherman

Vinnie has been amazing in helping us rework our living room and play room for our 20 month old daughter. She is incredibly talented, easy to work with, and has great vision. Her design suggestions have brought a cohesive style into our home and have provided increased functionality to both of our primary living spaces. Our daughter loves having lots of free space to run around in and we enjoy coming home to a serene environment that is specifically designed to meet our family’s needs.

— Lisa and Mike Sherman
Encino, California

MyThuy Luu

I’m excited for your new adventure but sad to see you go. I’ve enjoyed working with you. I like that you listen to my likes/dislikes and are flexible in helping me come up with a design that I like.

— MyThuy Luu
Redondo Beach, California

Devika Rao

Vinnie is excellent at what she does. She has very clear ideas on what will look nice and patiently works with you to make your vision come to life. She had many suggestions and gave me several options to choose from in varying budgets. Thank you Vinnie!! It was great working with you!

— Devika Rao

Karen and Brian Carvalho

We had the pleasure of working with Weespaces on our new home. Vinnie’s ideas and sense of style have really added a lovely touch to our place. She did a fantastic job helping us choose furniture and other accessories. We really love our home! Thank you Weespaces!

— Karen and Brian Carvalho

Haritha Reddy & Sanjeev Shenoy

Anyone thinking of engaging an interior decorator, look no further than Vinnie. We had a great experience with her. She’s assertive yet flexible and knows where to push and where not to. She has very good taste and works within the budget. She’s well organised and hence timelines are sacrosanct for her unlike my past experience with other decorators who didn’t seem to understand working within timelines! And above all, she’s very transparent with the numbers (her fees, purchases and budget).

— Haritha Reddy & Sanjeev Shenoy

Smita Vikram

My husband and I asked Vinnie to create a fresh, colourful and modern nursery for our little baby girl and that’s exactly what we got and a lot more! Vinnie listened patiently to our requirements, our taste and goals for the space and incorporated her flair for design into a look we absolutely love! We were also happy to have a variety of options in various price ranges to choose from be it furniture, drapes. rugs and even custom designed wallpaper! Thanks again for your efforts Vinnie! It’s been exciting to work with you!

— Smita Vikram